Carbon Debits are introduced as a secure alternative to carbon credits, marking the world’s first fully transparent and dependable option in this domain. Utilizing Carbon Debits for offsetting your carbon footprint ensures reliability and safety, eliminating concerns of potential future accusations of greenwashing. Rest assured, your offsets are genuine and effective.

Designed to fix the flaws in carbon credits

Carbon Debits were created due to dissatisfaction with the failing carbon credit system. The founders of Carbon Debits initiated this project to put an end to failing carbon credit projects that pollute the world more rather than improving it. It’s incomprehensible that this is still happening. Unfortunately, we too often see bad news in the newspapers about yet another carbon credit project that has distributed credits based on non-existent trees, with which companies offset their emissions. Besides damaging these companies’ reputations, carbon certification bodies and the projects they approve are profiting. This is something we strongly disapprove of and aim to address with ultimate transparency.

Carbon Credits

  • Certificates for potential future CO2 absorption.
  • Known for the lack of transparency. 
  • Some projects force people to move elsewhere.
  • Most projects are not based on 100% additionality.
  • Unfortunately, loads of projects were called out as ‘destructive’ in newspapers like The Guardian.


Carbon Debits

Carbon Debits prevent reputation damage

We’ve all read about it over the past two years. Many investigations into carbon credit projects have shown that the majority (about 88%) are ‘junk.’ This means that these credits are useless and contribute nothing. As The Guardian aptly puts it: “The vast majority of the environmental projects most frequently used to offset greenhouse gas emissions appear to have fundamental failings suggesting they cannot be relied upon to cut planet-heating emissions, according to a new analysis.

For companies eager to make a positive impact without being accused of greenwashing, it’s often challenging to determine the right offset method. This is where Carbon Debits come in. Debits are used for offsets where the CO2 has already been absorbed. It has already taken place, therefore, and is not a future promise that goes unfulfilled. Moreover, debits are of the highest quality because they are developed based on the principle of additionality.


The world’s first certified Carbon Debit. Certified by the United Nations. Designed to disrupt the carbon credit system and address the known flaws in the current system.


The complete carbon debit administration is recorded on the blockchain. This means that this data is always fully public for everyone and cannot be altered.


Carbon Debits are only issued once the CO2 has already been absorbed from the air. Not before! Quite a reassuring thought, indeed.


Carbon Debits are based on the principle of additionality. CO2 absorption minus the ‘leakage’. Other projects do not include this leakage in their calculations.


Carbon Debits not only targets sustainability but also enhances social impact, education, and food security, providing financial support to local communities for up to 20 years to maintain biodiverse ecosystems.

Positive impact in many ways

Food security

The fruits will be collected by the local communities and 100% of the profit will be used for food security.


Global warming is not a surprise anymore, we've got to act now and fast.


We will offer expert education to increase the yield and price earned for the fruits when they are sold on the world market.

Social Impact

Carbon Debits only accepts projects with proven positive social impact. We do not allow people to be forced to move to other areas.

Facts & Figures


Trees planted

8125000 m2



People helped with Food security


Communities impacted


Tree species planted