July 28, 2023


CO2 Emission per Flight from Amsterdam

Unlocking the Air Travel Equation: Insights into CO2 Emission

Have you ever pondered over the environmental impact of air travel, particularly the CO2 emissions linked to various destinations? Welcome to a page that unveils an illuminating comparison of flights originating from Amsterdam to seven coveted global locations. By delving into the carbon footprint associated with your journey, you not only gain awareness but also wield the power to offset your CO2 Emission and contribute to critical environmental initiatives.

Origin to Destination: A Glimpse of Emissions

This matrix chronicles flights departing from Amsterdam and heading to some of the world’s most coveted destinations. The data encapsulates not just distance but also the consequential CO2 emissions and the financial outlay to directly offset your contribution.

Departure Location Arrival Location Distance (in km) CO2 Emissions (in kg)
per person
Cost to Offset directly (per person)
Amsterdam (AMS) London (LCY) 336 20 $0.40
Amsterdam (AMS) New York (JFK) 5848 620 $12.40
Amsterdam (AMS) Los Angeles (LAX) 8770 2070 $41.40
Amsterdam (AMS) Tokyo (HND) 9311 1320 $26.40
Amsterdam (AMS) Barcelona (BCN) 1241 100 $2.00
Amsterdam (AMS) Cape Town (CPT) 9652 1420 $28.40
Amsterdam (AMS) Rio de Janeiro (GIG) 9554 1420 $28.40

Empowering with the CO2 Calculator

Are you eager to elevate your consciousness regarding emissions during air travel? Enter our specially crafted CO2 Calculator – a tool that lays bare the CO2 emissions associated with your flights. This resource empowers you to craft conscious decisions that resonate with our planet’s well-being. Moreover, the calculator extends the option to promptly offset your past or forthcoming flights, effectively granting you the ability to soar the skies in a carbon-neutral manner. CO2 Emission!

Ready to embark on an emissions-conscious air travel journey? Explore our CO2 Calculator and illuminate your flight emissions landscape. Together, let’s take flight towards a greener tomorrow.